Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I hosted our my Moms group weekly playgroup today. We were having a conversation about putting our kids in preschool. I was the only Mom that did a Mothers Morning Out program 2 days a week last year and now am doing 2 yr old preschool. A few of them are doing the 2 yr old preschool this year and they talked about how they were going to cry when they dropped them off and were talking about how sad they are going to be and not know what to do with themselves while the kids are in school. OMG...that is so opposite of me!! Maybe it is because they all only have 1 child and I have twins but man...even that first day of Mothers Morning Out I felt immense relief when I walked out of the school the first day. It was the best thing ever! A few hours of time to do what I needed to do...normally clean my house...but still, I could get it all done or run errands.

I love my kids but man...I love my breaks!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Husbands Favorite Things

This weekend involved some of my husbands favorite things.
1. Taking the boys to the club to hit golf balls.
2. Going to Wild Wings with some of our favorite friends
3. Letting the boys try some of his favorite wings.

Why is this post centered...ahhh.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Our cribs were on the recall list. It has been a huge discussion between my husband and I on whether to buy new cribs or go ahead and make the switch to twin beds (with safety rails). I wanted new cribs that convert to toddler beds so we can keep them in the cribs as long as possible. Our bedroom is downstairs while they are upstairs so I don't want them wandering around. I also want to avoid the whole transition because it seems like so much work. I can't ask my friends who don't have twins their opinion and advice on how to make the transition because it is just different when you have two 2 1/2 year olds in the same room versus one toddler in a room by himself. They would just play together.

We have it so easy and have had tons of people mention how easy the boys go to sleep for us. We have had several dinner parties where at 7:30 we take the boys upstairs, lay them in their cribs and just walk out of the room. Less than 45 seconds later we are back downstairs talking to friends. The cribs make that happen for us.

My husband thinks I baby them and thinks they can make the switch and I just need to make them lay down. I say it is totally different when I am by myself trying to get them to take a nap. I chase them around the upstairs and finally catch one and take him to the crib and lay him down and then go chase the other one. Imagine if the first one wasn't contained...I would go crazy. :-)

Guess who won this discussion??   Yep....me! I just ordered new cribs. They convert to toddler beds in case we need to make the switch if/when they start climbing out on their own. They haven't done that yet.

Here is todays big mess....our first writings on the wall. Any tips on how to get that removed? It is ballpoint pen on my pantry door.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So guess what?? Yes, I'm a procrastinator. I am in every task but one example is starting to write about myself. I just don't know where to begin so I keep putting it off. So, I'll just get started. Problem is...with what??

Ok, so I am the type of Mom that I try and keep us very scheduled with outside activities. I know...the trend now is to leave your kids with tons of free playtime. Ugh....they just destroy my house and I get annoyed with them and lose patience. So I'd rather us actually have fun at playgroups, playdates, gym classes, music classes, playing at the library, etc. If I have a free morning on the calendar I panic and start calling friends to see if we can all get together and do something.

See...I got started so no more procrastinating. :-)


Sunday, August 15, 2010



I am finally introducing myself to the blog world with my own blog. My name is Carolyn and I am a SAHM with identical twin boys who are 2 1/2 years old. I have been lurking in the blog world for 2 years. I started being interested in fellow moms raising mulitiples and then branched out to blogs about cooking, frugal living and even bloggers who have older children for inspiration. :-)

I have had a family blog  since my boys were born but was never comfortable commenting on many blogs using it because we had so much personal information on the blog. So....I decided to start my own blog so I can come out of hiding.

I'm sure my blog will be all over the place in topics and amount of postings but I hope to let you all know a bit more about who is reading your blogs. :-)

Take care,