Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Yea...I won my match last night and today. My game is back on. :-)

I always feel like I'm skipping school when I play on Tuesdays during the day. I drop the boys off at a babysitter about once a month to play with a tennis team during the day. It feels so weird. My regular team is a night team so my husband can watch the boys but this day team asked me to play and it is some of my close friends so I said yes. Initially my husband was not to happy with me paying a babysitter so I could go play tennis but since he's been working a lot of weekends he mentioned that I could hire a babysitter to give me a break on a Saturday occassionally and I said I'll just take that babysitter on Tuesdays and play tennis. He knew there was no argueing with that. Ha Ha.

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