Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We are going to get kicked out

My husband doesn't swear on a daily basis but if he is trying to fix something or watching his Browns football team play then some swear words definitely come flying out. He is quickly learning that he has got to watch it. He yelled Jesus Christ the other day in a temper and now the boys are saying it constantly. It is almost a week later and they still walk around the house and occassionally say it.

I am trying my best to turn it around and say some quick prayers several times a day like "Dear God, Thank you for our cars. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen" so they will try and say Jesus Christ in a nice manner. It doesn't seem to be working. They go to a Christian preschool so I'm just waiting to be pulled aside when I drop them off or pick them up. Ugh....

My husband quickly changed things up on Sunday after watching the Browns fumble the ball. The boys were luckily in the other room but he yelled the F word really loud. Then he comes out of the media room and says loudly over and over "Quack Quack like a DUCK! Quack Quack like a DUCK! Luckily they didn't pick up that new word. :-) Let's see if my husband learns to hold his tongue.

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