Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a great Christmas. We visited my mom's side of the family like every year in KY. My mom is one of 9 kids all married with 24 grandkids and about 8 great grandkids....a huge family and EVERY SINGLE PERSON was there on Christmas Eve...a total of 66 people in my Grandmothers house. It is such an amazing thing to have that large of a family that is so close. :-)

I wish I could see them all more often. Most live in that same small town and most of my mom's brothers and sisters live within view of each other on the farm property. The boys absolutely loved climbing on the tractors. Hopefully we can get there for a visit this next summe when the weather is better for the boys to explore more.

I used to go for 2 weeks every summer to visit my Grandmother and play with all my cousins. I feel very close to everyone even though I've never lived there.

This is what makes me so torn about having a large family. I want that feeling of a huge family...but boy it is a lot of work and it also just isn't the same as the days when they grew up. We live in suburbia...I enjoy traveling and want my kids to do a lot of activities...much harder to do with a large family. Oh well...we will see what God decides. :-)


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

what fun! I bet your sons will always cherish the memories of those visits.

Melinda Beth said...

Go for the big family! Traveling and activities are overrated. :) We still need to get together sometime. I've been very slack. Sorry! Maybe if we get together, it will help you decide if you want a big family or not. If you have twins everytime, it shouldn't take you that long to achieve a big family.