Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Eve

We had a good New Years Eve. This was our 2nd year of having just 3 couples over and including the kids. We do a champagne/sparkling apple juice toast at 8pm and everyone left at about 10:30pm. It is so nice to not worry about babysitters and just have a nice potluck.

We are having a sad situation...our dog has cancer. I've never really been a big pet person. My husband had this dog before we met but I am sad for the dog and for the sadness my husband is feeling. We found out 2 weeks ago and he has quickly gone downhil. I think my husband has decided to have him put down on Monday. This ought to be interesting to see how my boys deal with it. I think I need to start telling them tomorrow about Harley going to Heaven so they can know what is happening. I wonder how much they will understand.

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