Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I've broken down. My husband has been after me to try and get the boys into acting/modeling for over a year. He even made an appt for us at an agency last year and I just didn't show up that day for it because I thought the boys were too young. Now we've visited a couple agencies and we have commited to getting pictures done. This is a whole new scary world I'm taking a trip into....scary like Toddlers & Tiara's scary. I'm very nervous about this but hope it goes well. We are in a very small city so I doubt we would get much work at all but my husband thinks it would be great to get some money for a college fund. BTW, this is very unlike my husband...he is totally not into looks or anything...he just see's $ signs for their college because I think he is very scared of the day they send us the college bill. :-)

Anyone have advice? The fact that they are identical twins is the only reason we are looking into this as it gives them an advantage in jobs.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

No advice--but good luck!

And to answer your question about Mom on the Run, I've no idea! Three different bloggers I follow just went private--very odd. I always enjoyed her, too.

Suzanne Casamento said...

No advice. Sorry. But I must admit, I'm always bugging my cousin to submit her son to an agency. He's stunning.

Good luck!

Making It Work Mom said...

We had our daughter in a acting/modeling class for awhile. It was good and she did well and it was very good for her competition. My husband even took her to an audition. But in the end it was way to0 much work and way too competitive for us. Good luck with your boys!