Friday, January 28, 2011

Lots of Updates

Lots of things to update everyone on...

1. The boys turn 3 this weekend. I went back and forth but ended up deciding to not have a party this year. We did a great party last year but it is hard to find a place for 3 year olds. I will not have it in my house...just too much work. We did Gymboree last year which was great but they are a little too old for that this year. They aren't ready for roller skating, bowling or anything else I could think of so we opted out. All of our friends are having parties so I feel sorta guilty but they won't remember. We will just have a family party with my parents and one of my sisters will be in town for it. I wish they had a summer birthday so we could have a cheap pool party or something at the park.

2. I guess 3 will be a tough age for us. The boys are really testing my limits. I've got to up my dicipline level...timeouts for 3 mins just aren't cutting it. They laugh through the whole thing. I wish they had a favorite toy that I could take away but they don't have anything like that. They are super great in public but are starting to put up a fight when we leave something or place or they get super wild at home.

3. Matt and I went on a date night 2 weeks ago. It was fantastic! We go out all the time but to parties or dinners with friends. It always happens that the girls go in one room to do girl talk and the guys watch a game on TV and hang out. We are never together when we are out socializing. We needed it bad...and it was fantastic! We need to do that more often!

4. I've done a few things to update the house a little bit. I painted 2 end tables black. And did some rearranging of some shelves in our living room. I hope they update the room a bit. I have more planned....

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How nice to have a date--grown up time!
Don't feel bad about the party--we never had parties for our boys until they started pre-school. My rationale was they didn't have any friends to invite yet! And then we still only do a party every other year.