Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Dream Day with Kids...Ha Ha

So today was one of those days you dream about (well...maybe me) when you think of having a family. We have a full day planned with a big Easter Egg Hunt and Festival at our local recreation center, lunch out and then a trip to Costco, nap then dyeing eggs in the backyard. just did not go like I dreamed of it. :-)

Maybe all parents know this after having kids and especially my Mom laughed at this when I told her. The day started out with me trying to get my boys to wear special Easter outfits. Tons of crying and yelling was involved...a sad trip to the Festival. Then I tried to get a couple pictures before the Egg Hunt but I still couldn't get any smiles. Then we went and waited in long lines for the jump castles and Easter Bunny. Then Dean wanted to go on the pony ride. We waited in line for 1 hour...Caden wanted nothing to do with it and whined about getting ice cream the whole time...we were all grumpy. Then Dean rode on his pony and we filmed it, took pictures and when he got off...he just cried because he didn't get to ride on the pony he wanted. We walked out of there with both boys crying and falling down on the ground. Ugh!! I wasn't going to let them ruin my day though so we soldiered on. My husband was even more unhappy than the boys with the way they were acting. The day ended up getting a bit better but Wow! I am exhausted.

This must be what people talk about when you go to Disney you hear tons of parents yelling at their kids to stop crying and be happy because they are at Disney. I would have been even more upset if we had paid money to be at that event. Do kids just freak out when they know it is supposed to be a big day of fun???

My husband and I both collapsed when the boys went down for nap and fell asleep for an hour ourselves. We were all in better moods to dye eggs.

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