Monday, April 18, 2011


 I'm so excited how my flowers look right now. I can only hope I can keep them looking good throughout the summer. I can't stand yard work and leave that to  my husband but I think I can handle these containers. I had to redo the one on the railing. It had flowers in there from the previous owner and the center grassy looking plant had to be repotted. I also had to redo the coconut liner...I never knew what that it was made of coconuts or that you even had to replace it. :-) I just happened to walk by some replacement liners one day in the store and it all clicked...'oh, I can get a new one!' I didn't even realize how horrible mine looked before I replaced it. I came home with a new one and went around to the front porch and looked at the old one and just did I not notice that it was completely grey and falling apart??
This is the plant that used to be in the basket hanging on the railing. It was too big so got its own pot now. I had to find some flowers to go around it that can stand being in the shade. I hope they survive.