Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hamburger Helper

I have been trying to feed my family healthier foods. I've read alot about MSG, Yellow dye and other items that are just not good for you. I am a terrible cook but I try my best and have to follow a recipe. I've been working hard the past few months to make some good meals and even put some in the freezer. So here is what happens to me....Harris Teeter is having a major sale on Hamburger Helper, my husband says he wants some and likes the strogonoff version. I don't even remember ever eating it myself so I wonder what it tastes like. I see there is also a coupon so I go and buy 3 since that is what the coupon requires. We made it last night and..


Maybe it is because I am not a great cook but I was shocked. :-) Now, those of you who are good cooks will probably think it is nasty but I went back and bought 4 more boxes with coupons so there were extremely cheap since it is double coupon week at HT. I don't think I'd ever buy them full price and maybe I'll see if I can find some copycat recipes that make it healthier. Ugh....I feel so bad about it (hiding my head in shame) but we'll be eating some more of this in the near future.

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