Sunday, September 12, 2010

These boots were made for walking

So I've got to get back in the swing of things. I used to walk all the time. During the boys 1st year people used to comment to me how often they saw me out walking with them in their stroller. I play tennis on a USTA team at least once a week but I used to walk several times a week as well. For some reason I stopped during the past year and it has finally caught up to me. I've gained 5 lbs in the past 6 months.

Ugh...I have a tough time with eating. I eat a lot when I am bored or trying to relax. It is a relaxing thing for me to just have my hand in a box of crackers. I used to be able to maintain my weight with staying active. I hate losing weight. I haven't really been happy since having my twins. Not that I ever thought I was perfect. Here is a time line so I don't get too longwinded.

High School/College - super fit and skinny....was a swimmer and swam for a Div 1 school.
Age 22 - 25 - gained 30 lbs...lived in NYC for 3 yrs with a 24 hr McDonalds across the street and lots of late nights at the bars...nuff said. :-)
Age 27 - somehow get in a zone and lose 30 lbs. My dating life gets much better (so sad to say) and I feel so good.
Age  27 - 35 - easily maintain. I played tennis several times a week and power walked at least 3 times a week. Ate whatever I wanted
Age 35 -37 - pregnant with twins...gain 65 + lbs. Lose it all quickly but body is royally screwed up!!! I weigh the same as before pregnancy but stomach is jacked up. I get asked a lot if I am pregnant. It sticks way out....I think my stomach muscles are slightly separated. This happens when pregnant with "twin skin" I'll spare you the details. Still walk often and play tennis about 1 x a week.
Age 38 - Stop walking and this doesn't help things with my stomach....gain 5 lbs in last 6 months.

So....I'm gonna try to get back to walking. But I know that will just deal with stopping the gain...I'll have to do something about eating better to get the 5lbs off, that is the hard part. One day I'll try out some pilates or something for this big belly issue but I'm not that motivated to deal with that in case we have another baby. Hopefully soon, wink wink. :-)

Any tips for flattening a belly with possible separation of stomach muscles??

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Angela said...

I had the same issues after my twins and then the separation got worse after my singleton. The only honest solution was a tummy tuck. I had a large abdominal separation and my PCP said you need to get that fixed or you will prob. get an abdominal hernia when you get older. All the weight loss and exercise did not help. I got the tummy tuck and now no one asks if Im pregnant.